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The BLU ANGEL harness and leash are made of a high-resistance polyethylene mesh, with a strength
of 150KG, totally covered and incorporated in a layer of thermoplastic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), with a matte finish and a structure similar to that of leather.

BLU ANGEL & PINK LADY are excellent for outdoor, underwater applications and
at temperatures below zero.

They have a high resistance to sea water and are resistant to infinity
dives in both freshwater and saltwater, without deteriorating in strength, structure and durability.
BLUE ANGEL & PINK LADY are an excellent leather substitute, due to the very similar appearance, but
They have much greater resistance and durability and also do not require maintenance.

Made in Italy, the set is waterproof, easy to clean and pleasant to the touch!

Light blue in colour, this magnificent set is decorated with rhinestones on both the harness and the leash.

Size guide (Always take a larger size if you are undecided)

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