Mat with cooling gel - 60x45cm

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Many dogs suffer during the warmer months of the year. To keep them cool, we offer the cooling mat!

The gel, contained in the mat, generates a lower thermal condition than that of the dog, cooling him and regulating his body temperature. There is no need to freeze or cool the product, because the active cooling gel works while absorbing your dog or cat's body heat.

Made of high quality and durable polyester. This mat is scratch and wear resistant. Although the gel mat is scratch resistant, it is not bite resistant. Please avoid your pet biting the mat.

To keep it clean, just spray a little water on the surface and wipe with a soft brush or clean cloth. The mat can be folded for convenient storage or transportation. It can be used inside dog kennels, cages, kennels, armchairs, floors or the back seat of the car.

Measurement: 60x45cm

Suitable for small and medium sized dogs.