Refreshing t-shirt for dogs - Jersey shirt

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Keep your pet cool!

During the summer, your dog's body temperatures rise very high ( the dog's normal temperature is between 37.7 °C and 39.1 °C).

The recommendation is not to go out during the hottest hours, and if you do we recommend wearing the cooling Jersey shirt.

How to wear it?

We recommend wetting the shirt in the sink, wringing it out and then putting it on your dog.

Why is the Jersey t-shirt ideal for summer?

The Jersey T-shirt is breathable and has a good cooling effect, can effectively relieve discomfort such as excessive dog breathing, overheating, heatstroke caused by the heat.

8 sizes are available in 3 colors: red, light blue and pink! If you need advice on size, do not hesitate to write to us.

Size guide (Always take a larger size if you are undecided)