Dog and cat comb - for long hair and short hair


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The brush has two types of comb, they can be used together to remove pet's floating hair, tangled hair and loose fur, and massage the skin.

The bristles are FINE bent soft silicone designed to penetrate DEEP into the fur and is really capable of cleaning the undercoat well without scratching your pet's skin.

【Portable】The dog and cat comb is light and small, the two parts can be combined into one small one, easy to put in your pocket or backpack.

【Clean and Healthy】The hair brush uses safety material, gentle to your pet's skin and never scratch your furry friend. This is also conducive to promoting pets' blood circulation and metabolism and keeping them healthy.

【Ergonomic Design】Long and short hair brush, easy to use with one hand, comfortable to hold, anti wrist fatigue also groom your pet for a long time.