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Just as we humans often wash our hands, we should also give the same care and attention to dogs, especially after a walk. Both the coat and the paws are a nest of bacteria, viruses, dirt and should be cleaned every time you leave the house. For this reason it would be useful to use a product like ours, the ELECTRIC PAW WASHER mod.B106.

This item is of high quality : made of fireproof ABS material, it is safe and environmentally friendly . Its diameter is approximately 5cm and is perfect for dogs under 35kg.

Made of high quality silicone bristles, soft and delicate, has good elasticity, BPA free.

18650 lithium battery: The battery is over-charged and over-current protection device, and adopts a USB port. It can be completed with 3 hours of safe charging. The battery can be charged more than 1000 times.

How to use it:

  1. Pour a small amount of disinfectant into the cup (only if the paw is very dirty, otherwise just water).
  2. Pour an adequate amount of fresh water into the cup, approximately 2/3 of the total volume.
  3. Press the power button and the machine will give the pet cleaning massage at 200 rpm speed: in 1 minute it can clean a paw!
  4. Dry the paw with a clean towel.
  5. Once cleaning is complete, pour the sewage into the sink, rinse the silicone bristles directly in the sink but do not get the entire machine wet.

Eco-friendly material
Effectively removes dirt and mud
Comes with colorful light

The package includes:
1 cup for pet paw washing

USB cable for charging

Instruction booklet