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Cutting your dog's nails: our experience

christian terramaniApril 23, 2021


Thank you for showing interest in this article. We would not like to talk about the topic from a technical point of view but we would like to tell you about our experience on the longed-for but necessary practice of cutting nails.

As it should be, however, let's give a little context :)

As with humans, dogs also need to have their nails trimmed to prevent them from breaking and causing a lot of pain .

how to cut dog nails

Usually, for dogs used to running and walking for many hours a day, this problem may not exist, since the nails are already worn down during physical activity.

For slightly more sedentary dogs (so-called apartment dogs), failure to periodically cut their nails can lead to serious discomfort . In fact, your dog may have:

  • posture problems
  • difficulty walking
  • ache
  • injuries that can lead to infections

How to cut your dog's nails

cutting nails

The nails are a sensitive and delicate part of our four-legged friend. These are made up of the living tissue (the pink internal part which must not be touched) and the external part, the resistant part which needs to be filed.

In dogs with light nails you immediately notice which part needs to be cut and which part needs to be preserved. The problem arises in dogs with black nails, there you must proceed with extreme caution .

For this reason, using scissors or clippers requires practicality, firmness and a lot of calm (yes, if you are agitated the dog senses it and could get nervous as a result).

But let's get to us: our experience

We, owners of a funny and wild French bulldog, were unable to use either scissors or clippers (the fear of hurting the dog was too much and, as already mentioned, our bully is a lively dog ​​and felt in our discomfort and didn't stay still for a moment).

We therefore thought of turning to a grooming service.

Impeccable, nothing to say . On the advice of a trusted friend, we went to this grooming center where they cut our Pedro's nails perfectly.

It must be said, however, that nails, a bit like us humans, grow very quickly! We would therefore have had to contact them approximately once a month and, doing the math, the cost per year would have increased a little.

Of course, our dog's health comes first, but then we wanted to look for other, slightly more "economical" ways.

So we bought an electric nail clipper online. As soon as I arrived home, my girlfriend and I were like two happy children waiting to try out the new "toy" on our beloved bulldog. Once we turned on the product, however, we noticed that it was very noisy , which scared Pedro. He was hiding behind a curtain!

We made an attempt anyway . I held him down and my partner tried to shorten his now long nails, but I think the noise scared him to the point that we think he thought the worst at that moment, like that we were about to amputate a limb :D

What would you have done at that point?

We, after having examined the most common and already described options, have decided to produce an electric but SILENT nail clipper.

The item was created by an external company and followed our guidelines. We hold ISO9001-2008 and QC80000 Certificates.

bullosetti nail cutter

And here we are: we are so enthusiastic about this product that we would like to offer it.

The Bullosetti electric nail clipper is one of the quietest products on the market, since the sound frequencies are below 40 decibels.

Our Pedro now gets his nails cut without fear, and we too are calmer since the grinder is diamond, therefore of higher quality.

We are no longer afraid of hurting our little bully!

The best time to cut them is after a nice bath, it is assumed that the dog is more relaxed. You can also have some treats set aside to make sure he behaves :)

Obviously, if the dog has never been used to having its nails cut, the impact of the product on the nail could still cause discomfort, so you should be apprehensive and proceed with caution.

We have tested it on many dogs (including large breeds) and the feedback we have obtained is satisfactory!

bullosetti nail cutter dust cover

Furthermore, we have also included the light, so that you can clearly see where you are filing. This way you will always know when to stop ;)

Do you want to know more about this article? Click here!

The product is currently on promotion (discount -35%), stocks are limited.

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A hug,

the Bullosetti team

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